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  Galicare PLA-Series  
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Polylactic Acid
Exfoliating the skin is essential to maintain the healthiness, but the biodegradability especially of physical peeling particles has recently raised concerns. Galactic as consequence developed the Galicare PLA line, natural and biodegradable polylactic acid beads (PLA), which has an excellent exfoliating effect in order to combine efficacy with environmental friendliness. The Galicare PLA grades are very inert in the cosmetic formulation, meaning that these peeling particles are able to maintain their initial properties. Galicare PLA beads are currently available with a grain size of approximately 150 m (Galicare PLA 150) and 350 m (Galicare PLA 350). The Galicare PLA line as you can see possess a unique combination of cosmetic characteristics that make these peeling particles the perfect solution for your cosmetic product.
Insoluble in water and in nearly all cosmetic emollients and solvents
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