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  Triacontanyl PVP  
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Triacontanyl PVP
Due to the film-forming and water repellent properties, the favoured application of Triacontanyl PVP is for sun care products. Even in a low concentration, the addition of Triacontanyl PVP gives a significant increase of the wash-off resistance of the formulation. Furthermore Triacontanyl PVP is an excellent pigment dispersant and film-forming agent, which makes the raw material a useful ingredient for colour cosmetics like eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows and lipsticks. But the formation of a water resistant film makes Triacontanyl PVP is a very versatile additive that can even be used in protective creams and lotions. Another advantage is that these formulations will not become sticky or occlusive because of the addition of Triacontanyl PVP
Soluble in cosmetic lipids such as mineral oil, ester oils or triglycerides.r triglycerides
1 - 5%