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Active Ingredients  
Glycerin, Water, Akebia Quinata Extract
AkebiSol is a natural active ingredient derived from the Akebia fruit of the Akebia vine (also known as the chocolate vine). This plant has been used for centuries in Asian medicines. AkebiSol has an anti-glycation activity that will prevent the formation of a complex between sugar and collagen, called Advanced Glycation End-Product (AGE). The process of Advanced Glycation End-Product (AGE) develop over the years of aging, which leads to the stiffening of the skin proteins (collagen and elastin), increased senescence and induction of oxidative stress. Therefore, AGEs contribute to general skin aging. AkabiSol can effectively inhibit the glycation process, but also protect collagen formation by inhibiting collagenase activity in human skin tissues. Studies show an increased skin moisture and decreased wrinkling.
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